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Vlad Tenev — Robinhood CEO — reveals that the company aims to deliver more cryptocurrency, like the digital wallet, to its customers.

He did not specify, however, when the company would make new offers.

Is Robinhood’s crypto scope expanding?

The US financial services company — Robinhood Markets Inc. — plans to offer its nearly 18 million users more cryptocurrency options.

CEO Vlad Tenev confirmed the news and highlighted digital assets as a basis for the future of the company during the recent public roadshow.

What happened at approximately 2 a.m. on Sunday night, 26 July, 2021?

The warning timepiece is full of surprises and you may be astonished for a few moments by the state of the crypto market in general and by bitcoín in particular, if you have just opened your application or this is your first morning reading (commendations, you have your priorities straight).

You are not dreaming: the price of Bitcoin explosed last night and suddenly and delightfully cavalcated the whole marketcap.

Is it only a temporary fever or a true business comeback?

We’re taking stock, rub your eyes.

Today in…

Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies have started to bounce off strongly from their support levels. This indicates a possible accumulation by the bulls. BTC has again held the major support level at US$31,000, which again indicates accumulation at lower levels. Some analysts also speculate that traders are selling their crypto holdings to long-term hodlers in the hope that “a supply shock” will take place when the process of re-accumulation completes.

In fact, strong hands have again started to enter the market. The latest of them is the US$2.3 trillion asset manager, Capital International Group. It has acquired a 12.3% stake…

The NFT (Nonfungible Tokens) sales have increased to all-time high in the first 6-months of 2021. Data from DappRadar shows that the sales of NFT reached a record high at US$2.5 billion, which is an increase of US$13.7 million in sales from the first half of 2020.

Reuters has cited statistics from Dune Analytics to report that OpenSea NFT marketplace witnessed a record month of sales in June 2021, which is almost US$150 million. This figure is almost a 1,000% higher than that of the sales figure of all markets over the entire first half of 2020.

Alex Mashinsky, the CEO of the Celsius Network, has said that in terms of market dominance, Ethereum (ETH) has already started winning against the largest cryptocurrency (by market capitalization), Bitcoin (BTC). While stressing that “flippening” of BTC has already started to take place, Celsius CEO said:

“We manage about $17 billion in deposits, or in customer coins, and the number one coin held in dollar terms is Ethereum.”

In an interview, Alex Mashinsky has gone on to predict that by 2022 or 2023, ETH will completely surpass BTC in terms of market capitalization. He said:

In a Monday interview with…

Ripple has announced a strategic partnership with NFT (Non Fungible Token) marketplace, Mintable. As Mintable enables users to use cryptos or fiat currencies for buying, selling, or creating digital assets, Ripple believes that this partnership will help bring tokenization into the mainstream.

Whether it is the ability to sign assets digitally, sell digital assets, or receive income from all subsequent sales, Ripple believes that the market will reach a tipping point. At this juncture, they believe that the cryptocurrency adoption will take place significantly.

A recent report (based on the inputs of two persons having direct knowledge on the matter) claimed that Soros Fund Management has actively started trading Bitcoin (BTC). It also says that the global fund manager (having over US$27 billion) is also looking forward to investment opportunities in other cryptocurrencies. Financial news website, TheStreet, has said that the private investment firm of billionaire George Soros has reportedly started trading BTC as a part of its effort of exploring digital assets.

In the last few weeks, Soros Fund Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Dawn Fitzpatrick, has reportedly given green light to the trade…

Developer Ross Nichol has publicized a fee policy reform plan on Dogecoin (DOGE), the controversial meme-themed cryptocurrency backed by Elon Musk. The staggering increase in the value of DOGE in the last 1-year has also increased the fees of the Dogecoin network. This has unnecessarily disincentivized on-chain transactions. For doing away this disincentivization problem, developers are looking at a change in the fee policy. With the solutiuon suggested by Ross Nichol, the fees will be driven down by around 50x. Analysts believe that this will help Dogecoin network to reinvent itself as a payment crypto.

Dogecoin’s original fee structure focuses…

The Bitcoin market in a complicated phase

Bitcoin is in a post-halving year (which happens every four years) and usually these are years marked by strong bullish trends. The first two months of the year were extremely promising, then at the end of February the market started to correct, we entered a distribution phase that lasted until the beginning of May before going violently into a correction phase.

We expected last week to be contained by the expiration of options on Friday and despite a strong start week, the markets rallied nicely to the close on Friday morning at the…

Le marché du Bitcoin dans une phase compliquée

Le Bitcoin est dans une année post halving (qui arrive tous les quatre ans) et généralement ce sont des années marquées par de forts trends haussiers. Les deux premiers mois de l’année ont été extrêmement prometteurs, puis, à la fin du mois de février, le marché a commencé à corriger, nous sommes entrés dans une phase de distribution qui a duré jusqu’au début du mois de mai avant de partir violemment dans une violente phase de correction.

Nous nous attendions la semaine dernière à une semaine contenue par l’expiration des options le…

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