Cryptohopper vs Napbots vs 3commas

8 min readJan 26, 2022

Cryptohopper vs 3commas vs Napbots

Cryptohopper, 3Commas, and NapBots are automated trading bots. All of them automate the trading cycle, based on different strategies, allowing you to make profits steadily. In this article, I’ll walk you through the various aspects associated with all these 3 automated quantitative bots so that you can make the right choice.

Overview of all the 3 Automated Trading Bots:


Cryptohopper is a technical indicator-based trading bot. To get started with this bot, you have to make some initial changes. However, once done, it can trade on your behalf, just like the other leading algorithmic trading robots.


3Commas is a comprehensive crypto trading bot that enables you to use automated quantitative trading bots and at the same time follow and copy trades of other successful traders who have made a significant amount of profit. Therefore, top portfolios can be created and tracked with the help of the 3Commas trading bot.


NapBots is another leading automated cryptocurrency trading bot. This is essentially a cloud-based service that has gained thousands of users despite being launched just a few years back. allows you to choose from a wide range of crypto trading strategies that are designed in advance. As a user, you can choose your preferred strategy based on the frequency at which you want to trade (hourly/daily/weekly). The best thing about this automated trading bot is that it allows you to choose from multiple strategies for reducing risks and increasing profitability.

Now that we have a basic idea about all these 3 bots, now let’s review all these bots and take a closer look.

Cryptohopper Bot Review

This technical indicator-based bot requires some human intervention to get started. However, after getting started, it can trade automatically on your behalf. Let’s start reviewing Cryptohopper with subscription and pricing.

It starts at an affordable price of US$16.58 per month (starter package called “Explorer”) and it starts getting pricier as you go to the slabs above. The next two slabs are:

  • The intermediate package called “Adventurer” (US$41.58 per month)
  • Pro package called “Hero” (US$83.25 per month)

A free 7-day trial package is also available. You can use this free package to assess the effectiveness of the bot and if satisfied then only buy the next package. In all the packages, the features are almost the same. What varies is the number of positions, the maximum number of selected crypto coins, etc. While the Adventurer package comes with one additional feature (exchange arbitrage), the Hero package provides you with market-making, market arbitrage, and premium indicators.

Cryptohopper is trustworthy but remains vulnerable to:

  • Glitches
  • Bugs
  • Crashes

Despite these cons, it provides you with a decent profit. When it comes to ease of use, it may take newbies some time to understand how the Cryptohopper trading bot works.

You can use Cryptohopper with 15 cryptocurrency exchanges including:

  1. Coinbase
  2. Binance
  3. OKEx
  4. Kraken
  5. KuCoin
  6. MiningHamster
  7. Blockchain Sparrows
  8. Huobi Global
  9. Bitpanda
  10. HitBTC
  11. Bittrex
  12. Crypto Quality Signals (CQS)
  13. Bitfinex
  14. HIRN Signals
  15. Poloniex

Cryptohopper trading bot has demonstrated to provide its users with a high return on investment, provided you are choosing an acceptable risk strategy. It charges a 0.5% transaction fee.

3Commas Bot Review

3Commas trading bot is a web-based service that works with multiple devices and exchanges. This computer program automatically executes trades continuously based on pre-determined parameters set by you. Currently, its services are used by more than 33,000 traders. Reports say that 3Commas handles more than US$10 million in daily trading volume. This trading bot works with 18 cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. Bittrex
  2. Bitfinex
  3. Binance
  4. Bitstamp
  5. KuCoin
  6. Poloniex
  7. HitBTC
  8. Cex
  9. GDAX (Coinbase Pro)
  10. OKEx
  11. Huobi
  12. Yobit
  13. FTX
  15. Bybit
  16. Deribit
  17. Binance.US
  18. Poloniex

3Commas trading bot has an easy-to-use interface that is also intuitive. This web-based platform provides you with a wide array of functions and detailed analytics. As a trader, you can use the:

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Composite, and
  • Composite short bots

You can set profit targets so that you can sell cryptos automatically after making a certain percentage of profit. In fact, you can also set stop loss so that you don’t lose all your capital when the market doesn’t respond as per your expectation. 3Commas also gives you the ability to execute trading strategies that are customized as per your needs, preferences, and goals.

You can use the 3Commas API facility to integrate the trading bot with your cryptocurrency exchange. Once done, you can start with your automated trading. The 3Commas bot works 24/7 with all kinds of devices. As a user, you can access your trading dashboard on both laptop and desktop computers. The 3Commas team of developers and designers have created mobile apps for their bot, which works on both iOS and Android operating systems.

A wide range of tools is provided by 3Commas in addition to their automated trading bot and performance analytics. Some of them are:

  • Tool for creating, analyzing, and back-testing cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • You can monitor how the portfolios of other best-performing traders are working.
  • You can also carry out social trading for engaging with users.
  • You can copy the trades of the most successful traders on the platform.

They provide round-the-clock customer support service in both English and Russian. As a user, you can submit your request for any kind of help with their Help Center. You can also contact them with the help of their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. In the Help Center, they have provided much information on the most common issues. The available guides will help you in navigating the platform.

Just like Cryptohopper, 3Commas also offers 3 plans (Starters, Advanced, and Pro) for their users in addition to the free account. You can start with their US$0 free plan (with no hidden charges) to get a feel of the platform. The services are limited in this free account but are available forever with no hidden cost.

The monthly payment of the Starters, Advanced, and Pro plans are US$29, US$49, and US$99 respectively. The features, bots, extent of automation, and other facilities increase with every plan upgrade. 3Commas also offers their customers 3 days, risk-free full access to their PRO plan.

NapBots Review

NapBots is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots currently. Due to their innovative approach, ease of use, and continuous upgrade, they have gained thousands of new users in a comparatively short period of time and also retained most of them. Since it came into existence in 2018, has grown its community to over 7,000 members and executed 100,000+ trades. This automated trading bot is popular among users because it offers them a wide array of high-performance trading strategies. You can integrate NapBots automated trading bot with 12 leading cryptocurrency exchanges including:

  1. Binance
  2. CoinBase
  3. Bitmex
  4. Bitfinex
  5. Okex
  6. Phemex
  7. Kraken
  8. Bitpanda
  9. Bitstamp
  10. Revolut
  11. Kucoin
  12. HitBTC

The best thing about the team of NapBots is that this automated bot was launched with the help of expert quantitative traders, who had earlier managed billions of US Dollars of assets with leading financial companies for over 20 years. Besides having the most responsive and supportive dedicated customer support team, Napbots offers its users 24/7 strategy supervision from professional data scientists, advanced developers, and expert traders.

In the last 3-years, the Napoleon Crypto Group (the company that developed and also controls trading bot) has designed more than 20 strategies for trading cryptos, fiats, and shares. One of these oldest and most successful strategies, BTC Lo, exceeded the expectations of its users and base indicators in the last 3 years. In the last 12-months, their most successful strategies have exceeded 100% effectiveness by proving themselves effective in both bull and bear market conditions.

Some of their most successful and high performing cryptocurrency bots and their returns are mentioned below:

  • Jade Horse: + 4415% (SOL/USD)
  • Moonstone Pelican: + 2,815% (MATIC/USD)
  • Diamond Rhino: + 1,846% (BNB/USD)
  • Zircon Flamingo: +730% (DOGE/USD)
  • Red Spinel Lama: + 654% (ADA/USD)
  • Tanzanite Cat: +549% (BTC/USD) offers its users a simplistic fixed pricing structure. No setup cost is charged. They offer 3 pricing plans to their customers:

  1. Silver Plan: €19/month (~US$21/month)
  • Unlimited Execution
  • Real Mode Execution
  • Unlimited Copy
  • Budget Included: 1000$
  • All Supported Pairs
  • Copy Weekly Bot
  • Auto Mode Allocation
  • Email Support
  1. Gold Plan: €49/month (~US$55/month)
  • Unlimited Execution
  • Real Mode Execution
  • Unlimited Copy
  • Budget Included: 3000$
  • All Supported Pairs
  • Copy Weekly Bot
  • Copy Daily Bot
  • Auto Mode Allocation
  • Email Support
  • Custom Bot Allocation
  • Leverage Allowed
  • Short Bot
  1. Platinum Plan: €99/month (~US$111/month)
  • Unlimited Execution
  • Real Mode Execution
  • Unlimited Copy
  • Budget Included: 5000$
  • All Supported Pairs
  • Copy Weekly Bot
  • Copy Daily Bot
  • Copy Hourly Bot
  • Auto Mode Allocation
  • Email Support
  • Custom Bot Allocation
  • Leverage Allowed
  • Switch Exchange
  • Short Bot
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Bot-AI

A free, 7-day trial is available for all the plans mentioned above. You can also cancel any of the plans (after subscribing) anytime you want.

Cryptohopper vs 3Commas vs Napbots: Which one Should you Choose?

All of these cryptocurrency bots are considered among the major trading bots in the cryptocurrency industry. They are reliable and have been providing great returns consistently over the years. If you are looking for the best ROI with ease of use, innovativeness, years of team experience in the field of finance and portfolio management, and exceptionally good support, NapBots should be your choice. If your requirement is a variety of exchange compatibility options, CryptoHopper or 3Commas should be your choice.

Benefit from experienced traders with copy trading on NapBots 1 week free trial ! Discover more than 20 strategies dedicated to crypto-currencies, on the most liquid pairs (BTC, ETH …).NapBots allow novices to trade crypto easily and help traders save a lot of time! Bots work tirelessly to scan the markets and navigate through volatility to try to capture profitable trends.