Top 25 Best Influencers For Trading Crypto 2022

Cryptocurrency industry got a shot in the arm in 2020 with massive growth, thanks to the investments done by the corporates, hedge funds, insurance giants, and many other institutional investors. The year 2021 was all about adoption of BTC as a legal tender by El Salvador, NFTs, Metaverse, and the rise of the altcoins.

The dominance of Bitcoin in the market plunged by 30% (from around 70% at the beginning of 2021 to around 40% by 2021-end). NFTs caught the imagination of people when an artist named Beeple sold one of his artworks at a whopping US$69 million.

Top 3 Best Influencers For Trading Crypto 2022

Michael Saylor

Another Top 22 Best Influencers to Follow for Trading Crypto in 2022

  1. Roger Ver (@rogerkver)
  2. Mike Novogratz (@novogratz)
  3. Jack Dorsey (@jack)
  4. Nayib Bukele (President of El Salvador) (@nayibbukele)
  5. Changpeng Zhao (@cz_binance)
  6. Adam Back (@adam3us)
  7. Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop)
  8. Tim Draper (@TimDraper)
  9. Nick Szabo (@NickSzabo4)
  10. Nicholas Merten (@Nicholas_Merten)
  11. Charlie Lee (@SatoshiLite)
  12. Nischal Shetty (@NischalShetty)
  13. Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)
  14. Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhees)
  15. Tone Vays (@ToneVays)
  16. Ivan on Tech (@IvanOnTech)
  17. CryptoBrekkie (@BVBTC)
  18. Dan Held (Daniel Held
  19. Layah Heilpern (@LayahHeilpern)
  20. Kenn Bosak (@KennethBosak)
  21. Ben Horowitz (@bhorowitz)
  22. Altcoin Sara (@AltcoinSara)
Photo by m. on Unsplash



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